Design & Develop

We design and develop web sites for hotels and tourism related companies.

We write for the web. And that is different. The key to great SEO copywriting is finding that ideal balance between delivering content in a way that a search engine can understand, index and rank well, and then making sure that the web copy is also rich, captivating and engaging for the visitor.

You’ve got 3 seconds... That’s how long people take on average to decide whether they like your web page and stay on it, or not. You need a catchy headline that matches their search term, an engaging sub-heading that draws a visitor to explore, a bullet point list or important phrases in bold or as headlines to act as 'eye stoppers' or pause points on the page and a summary with some kind of call-to-action.

And then you have to connect... You web copy may well be ideally formatted for reaching the top of the search engine results but search engines rarely sign up for offers, join email lists and never get out their corporate credit card to buy stuff... once you have caught a visitor, your website has to reel them in.

We’re not necessarily talking about Shakespearian quality content, however, today, online visitors to your website want more than just the facts. They want to connect with you, your products and services and your brand. They want to know why they should book, complete that form or pick up the phone and call. And they want to feel good about their decision.

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