Design & Develop

We design and develop web sites for hotels and tourism related companies.

The technology behind a beautiful website might not receive the recognition and the bravo's, but if it's not planned and implemented well, you may be redeveloping your website again within a year.

Technology integration for the web usually involves the implementation of a Content Management System (CMS), an integral tool for you to control your website content, making it easy for you to maintain, update and modify your online presence. 

Keeping your web site up to date is always a challenge. In your busy day, many other more pressing issues arise and updating your web site often drops to the bottom of the priority list.

Search engines give a higher priority to web sites that are actively managed and that are constantly being updated, edited or having additional pages added. The more frequently you edit your web site, the more frequently the search engine 'spiders' will visit and index your pages. This will significantly improve where you appear on the search engine results pages.

The CMS we use at Hotel One allows even the most non-technical user to effectively manage his or her own website. Our search engine-friendly CMS makes it easy to:

• Update existing pages
• Optimise and adjust page content to be Search Engine Friendly when algorithms change
• Add targeted 'landing' pages to reach specific keyword phrases
• Create pages for upcoming special events or promotions
• And last but not least: make your overall web site content maintenance easier.

A search engine-friendly website with a CMS means that you have the power at your finger tips to drive your website and maximise its potential, increase traffic, leads and revenues. And profits of course! 

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