Market & Promote 

Integrated marketing and promotion are an invaluable extension of your website.

Social media is all about turning your guests into ambassadors.

In social media, we are seeing Twitter, Facebook and others successfully being exploited to generate brand awareness, address customer service issues and catalyse sales.

However, as well as using these channels pro-actively, the hotel and tourism industry must also monitor what consumers are saying about them. Social media gives real power to a disgruntled customer to spoil your reputation. We at Hotel One are aware of the opportunities and pitfalls of social media and can advise you on how to make the most of the social media channel.

Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization (SMO) is a set of methods that aims to attract visitors to a website in order to promote and communicate through social media. SMO is a subset of Social Media Marketing, which promotes and publishes products and services in general through social media. Another method to attract visitors to your website, is through search engine optimization (SEO).

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